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Silken Kisses (Silken Edge, #3)

Silken Kisses (Silken Edge, #3) - Laci Paige I have come to expect the romances for Ms Paige to be more on the real life side of things, more drama than a typical romance. Not what I usually love, but they hold a certain appeal.

The BDSM in these books tends to be darker and a bit on the rough side. Lots of scene work to keep the imagination reeling!

I wasn't sure I wanted to know about Mona and Steven, they were secondary in the first book of the series and easily forgotten. I went into things with an open mind and really found them to be more interesting than first blush would imply. There are a lot of intriguing elements introduced throughout the story.

Again things are less than monogamous and that is not always something I enjoy. I did like exploring the bi-sexual nature of several characters.

Plenty of hot and smexy scenes throughout the book. It is made even better if you listen to the audiobook narrated by Rex J. Silverton. He is uber delicious to listen to, especially when he goes all commanding Dom voice. He has a yummy rumble to his deep voice that hits all the right notes in this spicy read. The female voices are a touch breathy, but not overdone like other narrators. I could listen to him all day long, in fact I did!! I usually speed up my audiobooks but this one I took nice and slow savoring every smexy word!

Overall, this series is a really interesting find. Not my typical romance, but very interesting. Well written and very real life sort of drama and emotions. I am curious what will be next!

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, ratings and opinions are my own.