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Silken Desires: Silken Edge #2

Silken Desires: Silken Edge #2 - Laci Paige I am going to warn you upfront there are many elements of this book that will not appeal to traditional romance readers. The leads spend time in the sack with folks other than each other, this is usually a deal breaker for me. It is more real life romance, with all the drama and heartache, than a fantasy love.

While there were many things about this book that did not appeal to me, the fact the guy spends more time in bed with other women than the so called love of his life, I still enjoyed the read. In the end I agree they were meant for each other, they just took a long time getting there.

Roxi is all over the place for most of the book. For somebody so familiar with the lifestyle, she certainly has a lot of hang ups. For most of the book I was not loving Jonathan, he tends to think with his pants.

I love the mixed narrative on this book, it really helps you get into the mind of masochists and sadists. It does come with a lot of dram in the relationship, but the alternating POV helps you follow where the leads really are. Often times they say or do things out of spite, very real life!

I listened to audiobook narrated by John Anthony Davis. His ladies voices were no better than the last narrator on the series. Ugh, it was so disappointing because everything else was strong. He had terrific pace and energy throughout the read. All the men were deliciously voiced. Perhaps he should do MM narration.

Overall, I was happy with the conclusion of this book, but it was a struggle getting there. I prefer the fantasy romance where the couples are only with each other. This was a huge lesson in the darker side of BDSM, very nicely handled from beginning to end.