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The Outlaw's Obsession (The Grizzly MC)

The Outlaw's Obsession (The Grizzly MC) - Jenika Snow I can deal with reads if they are like this one!!!

I finally decided to give this series a try because it has yummy bears and the first book was on sale or 99cents. it would have been a bargain at twice the price!

My previous experience with the MC genre involved cheating, casual sex between the leads and numerous other characters, and no happy ever after. So, I was a touch leery coming into this.

Tagger is delicious and gritty and just my sort of grumpy bear. Definitely the sort of Alpha I look for. Oh, my a girl can blush at the naughty words coming out for the smexy mouth! I go all gooey inside when he traps his lady against a wall with his arms. oh yes please!

I really liked Sonya too, she has such strength to have come out a survivor. I adore that she kept her spirit and did not let it break her. Big props to her for not falling for catty drama either.

The story here is terrific. Ms Snow keeps true to the gritty and less than legal lifestyle of an MC, but she did not have the leads bed hopping. It may be unconventional, but it is a romance.

The smexy scenes are uber hot. Seriously the book starts off with a sex scene, not a romantic one, more a hook-up. It is necessary though because the story takes time for the Jagger and Sonya to get to know each other before sexing. I love that time was taken for then to develop more than the lust at first sight feelings.

Still not sure MC romances are my cup of tea, but author Jenika Snow definitely is a favorite no matter what the genre.