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Double Shot


Jessica (Jessie) Hewitt AKA Adele Nightingale's new beau, because shes to old to say boyfriend, Captain Wilson Rye needs her help apparently besides himself there's not a good pool player on the force and hes in desperate need of a shark to help solve two murders so naturally he asks his girlfriend to go undercover for him. Jessie in turn enlists the help of her best friends Karen Sembler and Candy Poppe.

The Wade on Inn is the last known whereabouts of both the victims.and after a quick makeover for Jessie, who apparently is to recognizable from all her publicity over the last murder, unfortunately to much time in the dye leaves her looking like a Munster no worries a push up bra from Candy Poppe and no one will be looking at her face not even her beau.

Most of the story takes place at the Wade on Inn with its cast of unique characters. there's a bible toting bouncer, two blue hared old lady's and Avis Sage one of Jessie's fathers old colleges to name a few. Jessie who is now using her moms name as her cover plays pool most of the time she should of just staid home though because Candy and Karen are the real investigators in this one.

We are introduced to Jessie's mother in this book. Unfortunately Adele Nightingale is still telling her story's threw out the main story and Jessie is still bemoaning about her age and now how Wilson is 5 years younger than her. And now we have to listen to her incessant jealousy over Tiffany Sass a young police officer that is working closely with Wilson.

The murderer is more obvious in this book and you can most likely guess. The book is all from Jesse's point of view. Overall not as good as the first book but still a humorously good read with behind the scenes action between Jessie and Wilson.

The book is again Narrated by Caroline Miller which I thought was a good choice. She makes it easy to differentiate characters and i liked that she didn't try to use a males voice just her own in a different tone. She doesn't read excessively fast so its easy to listen to in 3X speed and still understand.

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.