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Three Odd Balls


Jessica (Jessie) Hewitt AKA Adele Nightingale and her Beau Captain Wilson Rye have planed a Christmas get away to Hawaii thanks to the ill gotten gains from the last murder, that surprisingly she was aloud to keep. But there plans are quickly interrupted by the addition of three to there party Jessie's mother Tessie and her agent Louise as well as Wilson's son Chris. Wakilulani Garden the hotel the group is staying at is the setting of most of the book.

On there first night there the Bartender stumbles into Tessie's room, where a shirtless Chris is also visiting, and dies. Unlike the other books the islands police officer is inept and only ever arrests tourists for crimes so as the lone guests at the Gardens, minus two annoying ukulele players, he tries to pin it on Chris and Wilson regardless of more obvious suspects. So off Jessie and Wilson go to investigate some humor ensues when Tessie and Louise also go off to investigate unfortunately the story is in Jessie's point of view not Tessie's which in my opinion would of made for a better story.

Pool really isn't a big part of this book they do learn how to surf though. Chris spends most of the book not there but when he is all his time is spent being rude to Jessie with not a word from Wilson on his behavior and worst than that not a word from Jessie. At least now we don't have to listen to Jessie wine about her age because Chris is doing it for her. Jessie dose have other things to bemoan though starting with wanting to know all Wilson's deep dark secrets and her apparent, although this is the first time we heard about it, fear of insects as well as harassing Wilson on his choice of shirts.

I had so many problems with the plot i really don't know where to start and at the end there were still unanswered questions. Like the first book you are not given enough information to actually solve the crime and even when the killer is unmasked you still don't understand the reasoning of the killer. The atrocity that is Adele Nightingails story's continues threw out the book but when put next to the rest of the story don't seam so bad. The story is still humorous and the closed door action between Jessie and Wilson still continues but overall the story was a disappointment.

The book is again Narrated by Caroline Miller which was the only saving grace. She makes it easy to differentiate characters and i liked that she didn't try to use a males voice just her own in a different tone. She doesn't read excessively fast so its easy to listen to in 3X speed and still understand.

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.