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Spooky Short Stories

Spooky Short Stories - Kathryn Meyer Griffith These stories are far from spooky, what they are is beautifully crafted tales. I loved every moment of the journey. Ms Griffith is a wonderful storyteller who enchants with every word!

The Ghost Brother jumps around and keeps you guessing. It starts of quite jarring but quickly brings you up to speed. There were several different routes it could have taken, such a delightfully twisted tale.

Running With the Train is an all too short story. I would love to see this expanded and find out what happens after the leap!

The Banshee and the Witch is a bittersweet journey through a woman's extended lifetime. Again not spooky but a lovely tale.

Too Close to the Edge, this one was a bit spooky. I was all a tither to see what the outcome would be!

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Wendy Tremont King,who is great. She has a wonderful tone and really suits the stories. She helps weave the tales around you and pull you inside the enchanting words. A perfect pairing of reader and story!

The stories are not really spooky or scary but they had delicious twists and turns. I loved them and found a couple far too short. I can only imagine how great they would be with more detail! I am eager to read more of this gifted storyteller!

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, ratings and opinions are my own.