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The Kate Jones Thriller Set (Vol. 1)

The Kate Jones Thriller Set (Vol. 1) - D.V. Berkom Bad Spirits (Kate Jones Thriller #1-5)
I do not know how these books went as a serial, they are very quick snippets of the story. It would have driven me crazy getting them piece mail. Thank goodness they are together here, a much better option.

I like spunky Kate. She has an attitude that keeps her dynamic, even when she can be a very naive character. She is on the run from her drug dealer boyfriend, well ex. She comes into a lot of trouble along the way in Mexico. Seems the girl just can't catch a break, but then she follows her instincts and survives.

There are some great moments in the story, but it feels rushed. I would love to see this expanded. The story could use more detail and would be great if it were longer. We end at a kind of non-ending. Things are left unresolved and you need to wait for the next book in the series to see what happens.

Dead of Winter (Kate Jones Thriller #6)
Kate is hiding out in Alaska. Of course she will stumble upon a murder, that is her luck. She is smart enough to look for help and hooks up with dishy detective Sam. I am not going to classify it as a romance, down and dirty time on the sheets does not equal love. I do see great potential for them in the future.

The story is engaging and connects with the first book. I am anticipating this will be a thread through this series. Kate hoping from location to location running from the bad guys. I can deal with that, it has huge potential. I do wish the book were longer.

Kate is as always spunky and sweet at the same time. She is getting smarter about hiding out and it will be interesting to see how thing progress.

Death Rites (Kate Jones Thriller #7)
This is the best book of the series so far!! We get to see more of Kate and what makes her who she is up to this point. I really loved seeing her with her friends and hearing a bit more of her past.

The other reason this book is great is that the trouble she runs across isn't strictly Salazar related. It was a refreshing turn. The girl can find trouble anywhere!!

The story was more involved and detailed than others in the series. I did not see the twist coming and was more than a touch shocked! Kudos on that.

I was hoping for more Sam, but I have faith he will pop up again in the series!

Touring for Death (Kate Jones Thriller, #8)
This book picks up the series with Kate in yet another location. She is still hiding out and has come across more trouble, unconnected to Salazar. She has a real penchant for finding chaos!

I have really come to like Kate over the series. She has gumption and is pretty clever in her escapes. Sure she has a few dumb girl moments, but as a whole she is learning. I really like that through it all she still manages to stay sweet.

The story moves along swiftly and is again rather short. This time around we get another love interest in Sheriff Cole. I do wish we could have spent longer on that relationship. It has huge potential and a very interesting dynamic with his kids.

It will be interesting to see what will happen with the rest of the series. It would be nice to see the Mexico fiasco have a clear ending.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Melissa Moran, who does a great job with all the accents and voices. She has a very mater of fact tone that fits Kate to a "T". That is key because the whole narrative is from her POV. She keeps the voices consistent and distinct through the series. A great pace keeps things moving along at a steady clip. She has terrific energy in her read that adds to the action scenes. I will definitely be looking for more of her work.

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.