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Reese - Lori Handeland This is the kind of Western romance my Gram loves, that is not an insult she reads some great books.

The story is kind of loose in spots, it could have a tighter construction. It is predictable, it you read a lot of this genre. Still it was entertaining with a few intriguing twists. I adore the dynamic between the two leads. It was a delight watching Mary and Reese fall in love.

The love happens kind of quick. Perhaps I should have said fall in liking. I have no doubt the emotions will grow, but it is early days. The bedroom door is half way open, not a lot of detail.

Yeah for the mixed narrative giving us insight into the characters. We have the two leads POV and a few bonus narrations as well! Most of the tale comes from Mary and Reese, as it should be in a romance.

The supporting cast is fantastic! I can not wait for these fellas to all fall! Cash and Rico are a couple favorites!

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Bobbin Beam, who does a fantastic read! I really enjoyed her voices, just enough accent to make it feel authentic. Great pace and energy throughout! I would definitely look for more of her work!

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thought, ratings and opinions are my own.