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Pride and Pleasure

Pride and Pleasure - Sylvia Day Oh my, that was a deliciously naughty bodice ripper!!! Loads of steam to burn your kindle up!!!

I loved Eliza's forthright attitude and the way she was so flustered by Jasper! Ya gotta love a gal who knows her mind and is ready to be a blue-stocking spinster if that is where being independent takes her. Fortunately, she meets her perfect match in Mr Bond. I love their dynamic!!

The book is a mixed narrative, which gives you insight into both leads POV alternating through out the book. I love this style because there is just so much more you can learn about them and the relationship. It was wonderful seeing them fall in love and work out how much they wanted each other.

The steam is off the charts hot!! Not your typical Historical read, this one has some hot erotic detail in the bedroom!! These two have serious chemistry from the start. Oh lordy, that first coupling is so dang hot it will have you begging for a cold shower! Oh yes, Mr. Bond has a bit of a dominant streak that comes out to play!!

The underlying story is really well dome and full of intriguing characters. There are so many suspects it is tough to keep track. And well, the conclusion was unexpected to say the least!

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Justine Eyre, who is always a delight. Like most regencies this one is delivered with a British accent. It is a light touch, very easy to understand and enjoyable to listen to throughout. She does a fantastic job with the naughty bits, managing to put heaps of energy into the action! A delicious listen!

I hope we are going to see Lord Westfield get his HEA. And perhaps something for poor Jane. I really need to look for more of Ms Day!