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Mistaken Gifts

Mistaken Gifts - Elena Aitken I generally enjoy sweet romances. Not a lot of thinking needed to enjoy them. This one is sweet ans sassy.

Eva is not my favorite kind of character. She is just too high maintenance for my taste. I often found her spoiled and childish. She isn't un-likeable, just annoying at times.

Jeff is such a great guy!!!! Super sweet and yummy. He excels at the playful banter. I came around to him and Eva having chemistry in the end, but I will not say it is a love match yet.

The story tends to drag a bit, perhaps because of my dislike of the heroine. It is a mixed narrative and I found my self far from loving her POV. It was the whole spoiled brat attitude.

The story is a totally clean romance, all they do is kiss a few times. There is chemistry and they talk about hooking up as a possibility but they never get close to a bedroom scene.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Jennifer Drake Ford, who is lovely. She has a terrific pace ans adds energy to the read. She delivers Eva with less whine than the character deserves, and I thank her for that! Many would have taken her too far. I have very much enjoyed her read and hope to find more of her in the future!

Overall, this was not my favorite book in the series, but it was still entertaining. I hope to see the other supporting cast find their HEA soon! In audio of course!

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.