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Reaper's Property

Reaper's Property - Joanna Wylde In the past I have mentioned my dislike of this genre. Bikers are not generally my thing. However, this book is awesome. I loved almost every second of it!

Marie is a funny sassy gal. I loved her gumption, most of the time. She does seem to have blinders on when it comes to her brother. It is a bit of a flaw. But she makes the best of a bad situation.

Horse is yummy and dominant. He is a bad@$$ biker. But he has a heart hidden in that big body. When he falls he falls hard. There are a few times when I has issue with his behavior, mostly biker lifestyle stuff.

At first I thought this book was all going to be from Marie's POV, happily there are many points midway through where Horse takes over the narrative. These moments are key to keeping him likeable and getting his side of the romance. Without that insight, I probably would not have liked this as much.

Another great device is the non-linear story telling for the first half. I love the back and forth between the present situation and the flashbacks to the time leading up to that point. It adds excitement to the story. It was engaging and dynamic from beginning to end.

The smexy scenes are super hot!! You may singe you ears listening!! Oh lordy, give me an alpha guy any day of the week!!! And Horse does a little bit of naughty take that makes me melt!!

But wait, it is more than just a hot steamy read. There are several layers to this story and a few times you will be clutching a Kleenex. I enjoyed the development of the lead characters and the supporting cast. Plenty of brilliantly crafted bad boys and some seriously spunky gals! You will laugh, cry, swoon and have your heart ripped out a tiny bit.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Stella Bloom, who is terrific. I loved her yummy read and the emotion she put into the voices. She has a swift pace that fits the story and keeps it moving right along. I love her energy and will definitely be looking for more of her reads.

I generally do not like MC reads because the biker lifestyle tends to play loose with monogamy. I hate it when a character hooks up with somebody else in a romance. Thankfully that is light here. For the most part this really is a romance, gritty but with real feelings developed over time. This is also one of the first MC reads that has taken the time to really explain points of the lifestyle. While there are still things I dislike, I was so enamored with the storytelling that they almost didn't matter. I am definitely looking for more of this series and Ms Wylde.