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Payton's Pursuit

Payton's Pursuit - Joanne Jaytanie This is a great second book in the series. We get to find out about Payton and Collin. They are kind of an opposites match. She is very set in her schedule and he has all the wolfie stuff going on. Turns out she mellows him and he loosens her up.

The story this time goes into more detail about the genetic testing, that has been going on for some time. There are many more connections and coincidences, not sure I was buying all of them. It would seem the world of Pharmaceuticals is very connected. A small petri dish, to use a bit of science humor!

The romance develops rather quickly. I am coming to expect that in this series. I am totally believing there are feelings there, I am just not to love yet. This book does have open bedroom door lovin!! Just enough detail to make it naughty but not enough to take it to erotic.

The book has a mixed narrative, you get both leads POV and some supporting cast. It is very intriguing to have insight into the thoughts of the bad guys. It definitely makes for a richer reading experience.

I love the supporting cast and really hope we get to see HEA for them too. I know it is mostly about the sisters, but I would love to see the military boys find love as well.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Robin Rowan, who is great. I loved her energy and the tone of her voice. She did a great job with both men and women. I was very happy to find she tones down Payton's voice in this book. She has a great pace that moves with the action of the story. I really hope she stays with the series.

Overall , this is a highly entertaining book. So much going on in the story that the romance tends to take a back seat. I can not wait for Willow's book!!

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.